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During times like these, we like to use ready-made products that do not require a lot of time and effort. However, as the awareness of us as consumers keeps growing, we are looking for products that are not only tasty but also healthy.

This is exactly what Damak Food offers in its extensive range of meat products. The Kebavita range is perfect for a family summer meal. All you need is a few minutes of preparation (roasting the meat), some – preferably seasonal – vegetables or fruit and, for example, a tortilla to serve, and you will get a perfect and healthy meal.

As you very well know, Turkish cuisine, with kebab as its most famous representative in Europe, is a healthy one, rich in vegetables, tasty natural sauces and low-processed products.

They are often grilled, roasted and served with simply indispensable vegetables, the abundance of which can send many a gourmet into a state of rapture.

Taking care of the excellent quality of its products, the Damak Food tries not only to bring the flavours of Turkish cuisine, but also its quality based, among others, on fresh products, to its customers.

Turkey is all about flavours and smells….Flavours of roasted meat, grilled aubergines, freshly brewed coffee… The smells of spices wafting over every market; apple tea drunk in a small café. It is a memory of a country whose rich history and beautiful tradition still finds its admirers. People who want to recreate at least a substitute of that atmosphere in their own homes are eager to prepare dishes straight from the Bosporus.

Dishes full of flavours, sunshine and joy. Easy to prepare in its simplicity and – most importantly – tasty. Everyone will find something delicious for themselves in the offer that covers different types of meat (chicken and beef).

And because Damak Food cares about its customers, the company’s offer is becoming increasingly richer and tailored to different tastes and needs.

Customers can therefore choose between different types of meat and different package sizes.

We encourage everyone to try our products. and prepare a delicious meal with our help!

Bon appetit!

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